"Not a Tour Swing....Your Swing!"

Certified NRPGI Golf Professional 

USGA Sanctioned

Master Callaway Club Fitter 

Member National "Hole in One" Club

USGA Member


"My mission is to bring out the best in my students golf swings based on their ability. And to make golf more accessible to people that may not normally be able to participate due to their swing habits. To promote golf in a positive manner and increase the "fun factor."


Certified Golf Teaching Professional.          

Completed all course work and swing analysis. Complete yearly updates to keep current on all golf trends and swing changes. Certified with the national registry of professional golf instructors. 

Staff Pro 

Member of Callaway staff professional team since 2018.  

Local golf Instructor 

Have trained and developed several local beginning golfers as well as seasoned golfers. I also enjoy working with Jr clinics.  


Testimonial from our client

I haved worked with Tony for many years. He makes the game and instruction very easy to understand.

Jared C. 

Testimonial from our client

I started playing golf in 1976 until may of 1985 when I had a tragic accident at work. My left arm was severed in two places in an lawn mower accident.          

Then I met Tony Walters. I had gone into a golf store dreaming of playing golf again.  When I told him my fears and ambitions to play again, he didn't hesitate to offer to play with me, a one armed man!  He fitted me in the right equipment  the fit for my needs.  Tony and I played often and has been a great supporter and teacher and friend, on and off the course. 

I highly recommend Tony Walters  as a teacher and mentor . If it weren't for Tony I wouldn't be playing today. 

Les B.

Testimonial from our client

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For information and set up a teaching lesson , email at 

awwalters.tony@gmail .com